Affiliate Promotions

What weblypreneur Promote:
Rock-solid and able-bodied supported product around: WordPress Plugins / SaaS, Softwares, SEO, Site Building Tools, Mobile Marketing, Local Business, Video Creation, List Building tools etc. Ideally offers that are real honest $4+ funnel EPC, above $18+ FE price, preferably Software/SAAS. Products that is distinctive, authentic, and sincere in the way they are sold & decipher a real world difficulty.

favorite Platform: Jvzoo, Warrior plus, InfusionSoft
chosen Price Points: $18 Low ticket – $997 Webinars

Notice phase:
Preferably 7 days so I can test and be sure it will put in value to our audiences, 5 days minimum… but I do promote last minute if the product is GREAT and will be precious to our audiences.

Expected Result:
Sales! Sales!! Sales!!! & Leadeboard domination.

To consider a promo, I need, summary of product (key features, benefits & USPs), sales page, JV page, affiliate product link, sales video, funnel URLs, launch pricing strategy

And importantly from the seller I need to ask for review access to test the app/software before promoting

If your product is good, and you worked hard for us then we’ll go the ‘Extra Mile’ for you… it’s what we do. If we make good stuff that sells well & I have promoted yours before, I expect you give in return especially if it’s in your niche.

Best means to Contact

What weblypreneur Need to Promote
Make it easy for me to do business with you…

If possible don’t just paste us your JV link in your invite give me some extra info…

This is the stuff I look for on your JV Page – the easier it is for me to find the more likely we are to promote your offer …

  1. Product what is it & what does it do? in 2/3 lines
  2. Date & Time of launch
  3. What problem or market need does it Fix? in 2/3 lines
  4. What makes it unique / better? in 2/3 lines
  5. What’s the key benefit to the buyer?
  6. Any Cool Features?
  7. Sales Page URL, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3 urls
  8. JV page URL
  9. Short Demo Video / JV Access (if possible)
  10. Earlybird Price, Earlybird Closing time & Launch Close date
  11. What’s the price going to be at close if Evergreen