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– Send Broadcasts with almost 100% Open Rates & Crazy Click Rates
– Grab Leads from any webpage or site or Blog

So, you can send your Affiliate Offers, welcome messages, bonuses, signup gifts, or anything else you want and Get Tons of Leads, Sales and Commissions without getting into any technical hassles.

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In fact, at this very moment there are 1.3 billion with an ongoing conversation on Facebook Messenger right now.

So, just imagine how many sales you can Make with this Facebook Autoresponder by Broadcasting your Affiliate Offers and Messages to these Active people for getting maximum leads, sales and profits for your online business.

Yes, with Brand New “Sitecontact” you can
Directly send Affiliate Offers, messages, updates, websites links, bonuses, signup gifts, or anything else you want to offer to your subscribers right into their Facebook Messenger inbox with….


Sitecontact is a revolutionary new software that lets you grab leads from webpages, blogs, optin forms and send them
a direct message on Facebook and you can-

– Get your visitors to optin into your list without filling any form or sharing their email id.
You get maximum optins.

– Send messages to your subscribers on Facebook Messenger that always
inbox and have near 100% open rates.

– Get the maximum number of clicks without failing

In just 2-Step Sitecontact Setup-

Step -1: Implement Optin on Your WebPages
Step -2: Send Broadcasts

That’s it! Set your own Facebook autoresponder and get 100% inboxing.

Sitecontact gives you 4 powerful ways to get your visitor to optin.

Each of them is unique, and every way is more powerful than forcing your client
to fill a form and give out their name and Email address.

1- Checkbox Optin
Your visitors click a simple checkbox to optin into your list and receive your messages.

2- Customer Chat Optin
Your visitors send you a message using a chatbox to optin. You can also carry forward the chat.

3- Send To Messenger Optin
Your visitors click a ‘Send to Messenger’ button to optin. You can also carry out a conversation on Messenger.

4- Message Us Button Optin
Your visitors click on a ‘Message Us’ button to optin. You can also carry forward the conversations.

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Yes, this marketing system is fresh and it’s more effective.

Using it, You’ll be able to build your list faster, and your list will be more responsive
and effective than anything you’ve got on Email.

So don’t miss the chance to get on board early, before your competition.

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